Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A fad, fashion, or activity of your generation that drives an older generation crazy

Our parents had not played cyber-games in their adolescent years. Thus, most of them could not understand why we teenagers are crazy in it. However, they are indeed driven crazy by it. This is possibly because we spend excessive time on cyber-gaming until we do not have time for study, exercise or even sleep. Parents always want the best of us. They simply have a few expectations for every child: study hard, live healthy and respect the parents. However, many of us cannot meet the basic expectations from our parents due to the addiction in cyber-gaming. Nowadays many teenagers tend to lock their themselves in their own rooms to play computers day and night. They do not want to study and exercise. Sometimes they even forget to eat. Their second life in the online community seem more important than their real life. Parents are very upset because their expectations could not be met. Furthermore, many parents even feel they could not communicate with their children since they could not have a common understanding at all. As a result, cyber-gaming leads to deterioration of family relationship, unhealthy lifestyle and lower literacy.

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teoyuhui said...

So true, so true. It reminds me of the younger me during my secondary school days. I would often have quarrels with my siblings and parents if they interrupt me during gaming. Its so childish of me and i regretted it so much. Luckily there is the National Service and i managed to stop the addiction to gaming. I wished i had the power to persuade all teenagers out there who are gaming addicts to concentrate on something more beneficial for them and pay more attention to their family.